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DHE has years of experience in evaporator design. DHE has a team who specializes in evaporators, dryers and associated equipment and processes. They know how to translate the wish of every client into a custom made process installation.


Our evaporators can handle the following materials:

·        Dairy (milk, whey, permeate and protein)

·        Food (proteins)

·        Manure/digestate (DHE green solutions)

·        Waste water (seperating water and waste)

·        Animal feed

For these applications we have developed several techniques such as flash and falling film evaporators. The second both in versions with TVR and MVR.

Your existing equipment can be scanned by one of our experts. During this scan they focus on:

·        Energy consumption in all areas of your production plant

·        Cleaning methods and their time consumption

·        Operating reliability

·        Controllability

·        Condensate discharge

·        Software


The outcome of this scan will be presented to you in a report. In which we will present DHE's recommendation on how to use your equipment more efficiently. Including, if neccesary, how to update your equipment to be able to meet today’s standards.


A brand new factory or an update of an existing one, DHE will help you in making the best plant you can get. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you your options and possibilities.

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Together with our partners we can offer you the best dryer you can get. Completely customized and totally compatible with you existing or new evaporator. Please contact us for more information about your options.

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For heating DHE has developed a Falling Stream Heater (FSH). In a FSH the product is distributed in streams. These streams can be heated even and efficient in a steam environment. The FSH can heat any kind of liquid product instantly to a temperature between 50°C and 150°C. A FSH comes in different sizes. 

DHE has the following FSH systems running at serveral customers:

  • FSH ESL- pasteurisation for egg product

  • FSH UHT system for Milk, Eggnog, Soya Milk

  • FSH ESL system for Milk, Eggnog, Soya Milk, Icemix

Alternatively we can offer a DSI Direct Low-pressure steam injector heating system.

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Intensive collaboration in innovative new pilot plant for FrieslandCampina in Wageningen


Together with the new Innovation Centre at Wageningen University & Research Centre’s campus, FrieslandCampina has build a centre for innovation where new concepts will be developed and product innovation take centre stage. The delivery of the evaporator-dryer combination by Den Hollander Engineering forms part of this pilot project.


FrieslandCampina will be testing a wide range of product concepts and production methods at this pilot plant. The plant can fall back on an extensive system of process control technology, so that trials can be supervised and assessed on all aspects of production. With the development of the plant we took into account practical matters such as cleaning, operating reliability, flexibility and effective control.

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Speciaal voor het verwerken van reststromen, beschikt DHE of over een tak die zich specialiseert in dergelijke stromen. De eisen die het verwerken van reststromen van diverse industrie zijn wezenlijk anders dan die van zuivel. 

Voor het verwerken van dierlijke mest en digestaat werkt DHE nauw samen met VP-HoBe. Een van de topspelers op het gebied van het scheiden van fracties en het RO systemen. Klik hier voor meer info. 

klik hier voor het Process Flow Diagram 


Besides the techniques mentioned above DHE can do more. We can also offer you:

  • RO polisher systems for condensate

When you are in need of a different system, please contact us and we can see if we can help you!

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