Special evaporator/dryer components

  • Distribution plates for (falling film) falling steam evaporators
  • Evaporator L-ring seals for Din11851 couplings
  • Evaporator DHE L-seals for our sanitary evaporator covers 10x10x5 and 15x10x5 (welded rings or endless)
  • Sanitary DHE high-pressure couplings 350Bar
  • Aseptic flange and clamp couplings
  • Steamable filter sets (wedgewire)
  •  Sample valves
  •  Valves, return valves
  •  Aseptic valves

Non-food and industrial evaporators

  • Evaporation process with bath evaporators for salt products (photo)
  • Cooking steam evaporation process with residual vapour(photo)
  • Digistat evaporators
  • Waste water and residual steam evaporators

Process technology for direct and indirect steam heating