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Den Hollander Engineering B.V. has its own specialized evaporation department, where ex­perienced engineers are working in the field of evaporation technology in the widest sense of the word. A deep-rooted knowledge of evaporators and a traditional craftsmanship are our key assets. Down the years, construction methods in the world of evaporation engineering have been changing to meet the latest technological in­sights. The skilled engineers at DHE have all had first-hand experience of these developments over the last few decades. They are familiar with the various methods of construction, as well as their pros and cons. But the experience we have built up in this field benefits not only the food-processing industry.

We receive regular enquiries from other markets and for other applications, such as:

  • Energy-saving applications (e.g. efficient dry­ing, i.e. more efficient than drying towers)
  • Manure treatment (e.g. pasteurization of digestate)
  • Waste water treatment (e.g. concentration through evaporation)
  • Feedstuff industry (e.g. pasteurization)


Regardless of the supplier, for every existing evaporator we can carry out an Evaporator Scan. This scan is carried out by our ‘evaporator doctor’, who carries out a full evaluation of the evaporator’s performance.

  • Energy consumption, we can install meas­urements, the results of which are compared against energy consumption which we be­lieve is feasible using our advanced evapora­tor model.
  • Cleaning, this must not only be effective, but be performed quickly to maximise operating times.
  • Operating reliability, unnecessary downtime must be avoided as much as possible. The evaporator doctor knows his business!
  • Proper control.
  • Condensation discharge, various useful tasks can be undertaken, but what is the best situ­ation for you?
  • Evaporator update, old installations can be improved, simply by applying an update to current technology standards.

In response to the findings of the evaporator scan, we can submit recommendations as to how to improve the various aspects listed above. Subsequently we can send you a no-obligation offer for the adjustments.


In all probability our expertise can provide you with an added value in your chosen market. For that reason we offer a Comprehensive Energy Scan. First of all, we map out all energy flows of the entire factory. Together with the client, we explore possibilities in the following areas:

  • heat recovery from process flows/waste flows
  • steam savings by means of a thermo-com­pressor
  • steam savings by addition of an extra evapo­ration stage
  • cogeneration
  • electrical heat pump
  • absorption heat pump
  • heat and/or cold buffering, above or below ground
  • mechanical vapour recompression
  • further concentration of product prior to using drying tower
  • use of cooling tower prior to using cooling unit
  • optimization of cooling tower configuration (pump and ventilator energy)
  • application of frequency converters or DC electric motors
  • selecting the optimum destination for hot con­densation
  • energy exchange with adjacent businesses

In addition to calculating the possible energy savings and the reductions in carbon emissions of the said applications, our aims remain real­istic. Any possible energy-saving measures will involve a sizable capital investment and must deliver an acceptable pay-back period. This re­quires intensive contact with the client.

In addition, several other priorities come into the equation, such as:

  • Cleanability of components: CIP and SIP
  • Operating time of production lines
  • Required operating reliability/alternatives in the event of disruptions
  • Future expansion of capacity
  • Lack of space to install components
  • Restrictions in planning permits (construction height, noise, odour)

These aspects are difficult to express in terms of numbers. However, together with the client and with a dose of common sense, it is possible to arrive at a sensible solution.


As well as modifications to your existing plant, we also provide options for the acquisition of a complete evaporator.

This can include all kinds of additional applications, such as:

  • Balance tanks
  • De-aerator
  • Pasteurizer
  • Holder module
  • UHT line with steam infusion
  • Flash cooler
  • Finisher
  • Steam boiler
  • Cooling tower
  • Ice water chiller
  • Glycol cooler
  • Plate heat exchanger
  • Pumps
  • High-pressure pumps and homogenizers
  • Flow plates
  • Automation
  • Sterile storage tanks

Please do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly be of service to you and are more than willing to discuss the various possibilities with you, free of any obligation.

Evaporators for the dairy industry.

Falling film evaporator systems supplied by MVR and/or in combination with TVR.

1. Whey products.
Whey concentrate for concentrator from 5 to 40% DS. Whey High-concentrator from 20 to 62% DS.

2. Milk products.
Evaporator system for the productin of sweetened condensed milk. Evaporator system with fresh milk for production of chocolate crumbs with sweetened condensed milk up to 89% DS.

3. Evaporator system for dryer concentrates.

Low-energy evaporator installed at FrieslandCampina

Last week, Den Hollander Engineering B.V. installed a unique low-energy evaporator for FrieslandCampina DMV in Veghel. The new system evaporates water from whey which enables the crystallisation of the lactose present.

Through the smart application of different technologies, it’s possible to replace current (mechanical and thermal) evaporation techniques with one single method (mechanical only), creating savings in energy of up to 60% extra. The heat released in this new technique is harnessed in such a way that no cooling water is required. Likewise the condensation which is drained off is cooled to such an extent that it has a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.

Around 30 technicians were involved in the installation. The new evaporator will come on stream in October 2013. Den Hollander Engineering B.V. and FrieslandCampina DMV have worked closely on this project and have shared each other’s expertise to create this unique evaporator. The know-how accrued in developing this evaporator will also be used in future projects where similar such savings can be achieved.