Intensive collaboration in innovative new pilot plant for FrieslandCampina in Wageningen

Together with the new Innovation Centre at Wageningen University & Research Centre’s campus, FrieslandCampina is building a centre for innovation where new concepts will be developed and product innovation take centre stage. The delivery of the evaporator-dryer combination by Den Hollander Engineering forms part of this pilot project.

FrieslandCampina will be testing a wide range of product concepts and production methods at this pilot plant. The plant can fall back on an extensive system of process control technology, so that trials can be supervised and assessed on all aspects of production. Practical matters such as cleaning, operating reliability, flexibility and effective control are essential, especially in these kinds of pilot projects where it is often necessary to switch production. “Delivering this plant has been an exciting and original project”, explains Mady Meijer, managing director of Den Hollander Engineering. “And although it doesn’t involve a large capacity, it is quite a complex installation. We specialise in custom-built systems so this job is completely in keeping with our company’s philosophy”.